William C. Livingood, MD, Captain (U.S.N. Retired) served in the South Pacific as a Navy Lieutenant assigned as the Flight Surgeon for Marine Fighter Squadron VMF-213, the Hellhawks, in 1943 during its three combat tours of duty in the Solomon Islands’ Campaign.  While assigned to the Hellhawks, Doc Livingood recorded numerous events and retained certain documents concerning his squadron and the Marine pilots with whom he served.   These records are recorded at VMF - 213.com .  Subsequently, in 1944 he was assigned to marine squadrons  VMTB 144  and  VMF 514 , stationed on the escort aircraft carrier, USS Salerno Bay

Doc Livingood's Records of Squadron VMF - 514, Squadron VMTB - 144 (VMSB - 144) and the USS Salerno Bay Cruise:


USS Salerno Bay




Sketch of the Cruise of the USS Salerno Bay




William C. Livingood Certificate of service on on the USS Salerno Bay.






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